Many, many tea breaks helping to get me through the day. probably good to keep the old body moving a bit too. Interesting to break down a short sequence of something done on auto-pilot and take time to explore the everyday. x


tea blog frame

About two months ago something went very wrong and I lost a connection with almost everything both inside and outside of me.  All my focus turned onto the painful beating of my anxious heart, tense shoulders and quivering hand which seemed to have stopped making the lines I wanted it to make.

Without knowing exactly where the impulse came from I decided to note down the things that I had loved each day.  It could be something as simple as the feeling of a comfy jumper.  It could be something more emotional and intangible like the sound of my mum’s voice talking to me over the phone. The sound of rain.  A cake.  A cup of tea. Coloured pencils.

Like threading on beads one by one to make a necklace I found that each small thing loved started to make something bigger.

Here is Week #1 – the first illustration of what I have loved this week.

I hope you will check in each week to see what I have loved next week, and the weeks to come!

Bryony x