I managed to get some horrible ‘bug’ which meant I spent a lot of time wrapped up in bed this week.  So without any doubt the thing I have loved this week has been my duvet…and movies…and hot drinks…and medicine…and tissues!

Hope everyone else is doing well and having a lovely weekend xxx




3-this-week-sunshineThere has been a huge mixture of weather this week.  Rain, wind, rain again and then wonderful moments of sunshine.  This is what I have loved this week – those moments after the rain when the gloomy sky dissolves and the sun beams down.

For anyone joining me this week I have begun a weekly blogpost focusing on something I have loved each week.

“It could be something as simple as the feeling of a comfy jumper.  It could be something more emotional and intangible like the sound of my mum’s voice talking to me over the phone. The sound of rain.  A cake.  A cup of tea. Coloured pencils.”

Hope it gives you something to smile about too.  Have a lovely week and see you next Sunday xxx



2-this-week-meditation-and-musicA friend of mine, and an incredibly talented musician, has run some meditation webinars which allow listeners to meditate while she plays.  Not really knowing what to expect and having never meditated with live music before I was amazed at how affected I was by the 5minute session.  This has been the experience which I have loved this week.

So a big ‘thank you’ to Ayanna and if you want to check out her music and what she is up to here is a link to her website:


Have a great Sunday and rest of the week everyone xxx