week 48 - checked shirts

Hello again and wishing you all a happy Sunday!  I’ve taken a little pause as I’m moving house and the clutter got the better of me.

Spent a lot of time in big checked shirts, sorting, packing and recycling my belongings.

Feeling ready for the next step and will probably be wearing some more big checked shirts in the weeks to come.





Forget how much stress is held in the body, not just that which is swirling around in the mind.  Really benefited by messing around to some music!  Felt like I managed to release some of the inner demons…

It was nice to not be so serious for a bit.  Hope you all can find some silliness in today and the week ahead! xxx




I managed to get some horrible ‘bug’ which meant I spent a lot of time wrapped up in bed this week.  So without any doubt the thing I have loved this week has been my duvet…and movies…and hot drinks…and medicine…and tissues!

Hope everyone else is doing well and having a lovely weekend xxx