leaf pattern 1

leaf pattern 2

leaf pattern 3

leaf pattern 4

On this cooler morning I was struck with how many leaf shapes and patterns there were around me today.  I love the different greens and the different textures created by each leaf being repeated again and again and again.  I find them beautiful in their intricacy.  Their depth and their availability.  A world at the end of fingertips…



urban jungle

Woke up early to see a beautiful blue sky between many green leaves. This must have gone into my psyche as later on I found myself creating a new pattern drawing using lots of green! It was lovely to find such a wonderful urban jungle inside a small city garden. xxx


week 48 - checked shirts

Hello again and wishing you all a happy Sunday!  I’ve taken a little pause as I’m moving house and the clutter got the better of me.

Spent a lot of time in big checked shirts, sorting, packing and recycling my belongings.

Feeling ready for the next step and will probably be wearing some more big checked shirts in the weeks to come.